Tuesday, August 5, 2014

TBs TechPoll 42 (Results) - Your SBrick preferences

The SBrick project has reached the £60.000 funding goal at Kickstarter today and will be funded by all those who baked the SBrick idea.
So it is now granted we will get something out of this great project!

There are are now some other stretch goals to pursue, that may bring us further nice functionality in the short term. At the current pace it may reach something around £80.000 funding, but it is solely in our hands to pledge and take the most of this promising project!
Or alternatively to pray for this to be caught by Gizmodo, Engadget or MAKE magazine and others, during the still 7 days to go...

Meanwhile SBrick polls at TBs have been closed, with well above 200 voters and it is time to look into the results.

First and about the SBrick color preferences, most have chose the LBG and Black in this same order. It looks that most admit that besides the SBrick can be easily burried inside our models, there are also good chances it will be totally or partially visible in many models. Then a more neutral set of colors will be naturally favored.
These results are also well aligned with a similar poll running at EuroBricks.
Some have also demonstrated preference in the comments for a trans-clear variation which I totally agree it would be really cool. Although we must not forget such color and materials tend to become yellowed over time quite easily, which you certainly won't want. If this is something very hard for LEGO to control and avoid, I guess it won't be anyway easier for a start-up to guarantee it won't happen.

Regarding the planned Trains/Technic SBrick utilization, the answers were massive for the Technic option. Although it was probably not reasonable to expect a different answer from a Technic fans home...
Again the results here obtained are pretty close to those obtained from the EuroBricks poll, but again the poll was run in Technic territory, rather the EB Trains forum.

One way or another that's time to celebrate! So I will end today with a few recent videos that showcase the SBrick capabilities. One for Trains fans and another from from Sariel, Crowkillers and Nico respectively.

Better do not hold your breath though!... It will take awhile until we are able to get our hands on this.


896gerard said...

Conchas, could you try to figure out what is the attitude of The Lego Group to this new receiver? Maybe they could include it in a limited edition model in the 2015 Technic sets, buying lots of it from the Vengit team enabling the price to drop. Of course, the new system should be thorougly tested and market-ready, which will take a year or so. The infra red technology from Lego looks quite 'old' now compared to the S-brick. Maybe, the Lego Group is already developing such a receiver. They should not ignore the fact that nearly everybody owns a smartphone now, but can not use it for Lego Creations.

TechnicBRICKs said...


At one side I believe that LEGO individuals praise the initiative, on the other I would not expect any official reaction from Billund. Classic!

It is likely that LEGO may have already made their own experiments with this technology, but for some reasons this never made into a commercial product.
If this is going to change, that's something that we will have to wait and see. :)

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