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The images from 1H 2015 LEGO Technic sets, you won't see here...

Mostly for the fun, this weekend I was doing a video with images from real life models, suggesting what the 1H 2015 LEGO Technic sets could be, based on their names which we got to know a couple of weeks ago.

It was done in good time, since the preliminary images leaked a few hours ago, together with images from a few other themes. I got them in very good quality this time, although very preliminary box artwork.
No PF signs, 1:1 reference pieces, part count and stuff like that.
Even some of the indicated age ranges are different from what we got to know before. Honestly both sources seem to have their own discrepancies.

There is virtually no red this time and even yellow got a very modest presence for a change.
This half main colors are: white, blue, orange and green.

There are also some new parts easily visible and eventually some others we can't distinguish from the preliminary boxes artwork

As you know we are not allowed here to publish or link any watermarked images like those leaked today, so I'm just going to do a brief comment on each model, based on what I can see. As usual I may update this post with further details in the coming days.

So let's see one by one. Notice the final sets names in English are not yet know, hence these are best guesses.

42031 - Platform

If we take the video above as reference, it would look similar to this.

Mostly black and yellow, it doesn't seem to have even steering. Only function seems to be the ability to lift the arm with a platform attached to the tip.

42032 - Compact Track Loader

White and black, but because it is a small model, the typical blue seat also stand-out.
It looks like the white Bobcat below and uses the same conventional arms on each side to lift the front bucket.

There is also a kind of gfork over the bucket, which I don't understand if it is to protect the driver, or it has some other function.
In terms of functions it is a push-pull tracked vehicle. It can lift / tilt the bucket and handle the fork independently.

42033 - Action Rocket Car

This is one of the two pull back models in 2015. Like foreseen it resembles a rocket car somewhat similar to the one below.

It is mainly white and blue, and it uses the first SYSTEM canopy I remember to see into a LEGO Technic set.
Functions won't go much further the pull back motor as usual, if any.
It uses the 11x3 curved panel version with 10 holes [Design ID: 11954]. These may look Dark Blue as in 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition, but it might be an illusion and guess these are plain blue, which would mean a first of any of those panels in blue.
Some stickers around.

42034 - Action Quad

Something like this.

Mostly black with bits of yellow and fussy stickers...
Another pull back model for the year, which might feature steering, but don't know about suspension (eventually something heavily oversimplified).

 Wonder how these two will combine to form something together.

42035 - Dump Truck

If I recall it right this is the first heavy dump truck in the Technic portfolio.
Something like an entry level vehicle in the mining dumpers. Something like the Komatsu below or event a similar CAT.

It uses the 42024 Container Truck wheels and tires, but most noticeable fact is the presence of a new panel - a trapezoid which make the 5 height to 3 height panels slope transition quite well. Here in yellow, I'd call these as "11 x (5-3) Technic panels" for the moment.
It also includes a mono-cylinder engine... and no stickers with this one.

Functions here, seem to be HoG steering and container tipping, from the two gears visible.

42036 - Street Motorcycle

Well... it is a street bike an there is not much more to say about it.
Don't feel very attracted by the color scheme, which is primarily blue with some black panels and red highlights. Because of the lightning the blue it even look medium blue sometimes, but guess it will be blue in the end.
It has at least a two cylinder engine and the same front suspension and wheel/tires as used in the last motorbike (8051) from 2010.
No stickers in the image available, which is a bit unexpected. Maybe with the final version!?

42037 - Formula Off-Roader

Something like this, with the same prominent front suspension.

Color scheme is blue/lime - again the blue may look medium blue, but think it is a lightening illusion.
It includes steering, suspension to the 4-wheels and uses the same wheel hubs, wheels and tires as used in 42029 Motorized Pick Up Truck. It seems to use also identical or similar rear and front suspension setup, steering arms, etc...
The V4 engine camshaft seems quite exposedand there are some stickers around the drivers place.

42038 - Arctic Tracked Vehicle

A glorious large all orange vehicle.
It uses 4 tracked drive trains like those in the picture below, but is a bit different vehicle. It has a middle crane with rear cargo bay.
Guess the building process may turn a bit repetitive when it comes to the drive trains, as they seem all identical. The rear ones use suspension, though!

It seems we get the 11x3 flat panels also in orange now and some rare beams in orange too.
No stickers visible.

This is a very preliminary box artwork. There is no reference to any PF motorization, although there is still some hope for this to be a motorized set, or at least PF Ready with included instructions for motorization with 8293 Motor Set.
This is a PF Ready set. It includes instructions to be motorized with 8293 Motor Set.

42039 - Long Distance Race Car

And finally this semester flagship. It looks like an endurance Audi R18 e-tron quattro running in Le Mans, but obviously with a different color schema.

Green on the sides a bit like the second car in the picture below, and center LBG in the front and white in the rear. Cockpit looks black as far as I can see.

Most prominent novelty are the new arch large panels that make the fenders here. These seem to have two attachment points only and appear in green (front) and black (rear). Additionally there are several panels in green color, some of them never released in green before (11x3 flat, #5, #6, #17 and #18).
There seems also to be two new panels in the front, with a new size never released before - 3x9 curved with slope. These will fit exactly between the correspondent previous 3x7 and 3x11 panels. The new panels are green.

It uses the same wheel/tire combination as 8070 Supercar, with black wheels and inner stickers.
The headlights use 4 curved slopes [Design ID: 30602] never released in trans-clear before.

It includes also loads of stickers and it is something really new to the LEGO Technic assortment. :fixe:

As for the functions it might have steering, A V-Engine in the rear side and hopefully the engine cover can also lift, which is probably the function of the gear we can see at the right side in the bottom. Maybe there is something more, but it is hard to imagine what it could be only from the image so far available. Some fancy opening doors? Lights? This is what comes to my mind sudden.
Main doubt goes to whether there is 4-wheel suspension included or not. Ground clearance is really low as in real cars like these which leaves too less margin for suspension travel, although the wheels top distance to the fenders is pretty high.

This is a very preliminary box artwork. There is no reference to any PF motorization and for the price tag previously found (94,99€) don't think it will have any included PF elements. Hope goes for it being also PF Ready to motorize some of the functions whatever they are, including instructions for motorization with 8293 Motor Set, as well.
This is a PF Ready set. It includes instructions to be motorized with 8293 Motor Set.

And that's it for now! I'm sure you can find your way to the original images if you have not done so already.

Updated a few comments about some sets functions and confirmed which are the PF Ready sets.

Last Update: 2014.Sep.22 23:57 CET


Galetes said...

How can you call the green Group C racing car "green car" It's the Mazda 787B, the only non-piston powered car to win, 20 years or something like that ago. Those cars had more horsepower and less weight than today race cars.

I think the LMP1 car and the orange vehicle are very well done, and I like all of them, they are quite pretty (to be an official technic set)

Unknown said...

If the 42031 has a small turning table for the crane, it would be awesome little trucky, those small sets are not necessary that bad, especially for actual play - my 4 and 2 yeaes old boy are just crazy about the 42001 and 42020. This "31" will definetly end in our house :)

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