Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The LEGO Ambassador program will become the LEGO Ambassador Network

Soon, the LEGO Ambassador program as we know it will be deeply changed. Keith David Severson, Senior Manager of LEGO Community Support, has this to say:

The LEGO Ambassador Network will go LIVE November 1st, 2014
The LEGO Ambassador program was introduced in 2005 and has gradually evolved over the past 10 years. The LEGO Group considers the close dialogue with LEGO User Group (LUG) representatives globally extremely valuable. Due to the significant growth of the AFOL Community and increased interaction between LUGs and between LUGs and the LEGO Group, it has been decided to change the format of the LEGO Ambassador program and rename it to become the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN). The LAN will continue to strengthen the LEGO Group’s relationship with the global AFOL community as well as provide new opportunities for AFOLs to better connect globally. The goal with the upcoming LAN is to offer LUGs the opportunity to become recognized by the LEGO Group. This recognition will put more structure and focus to the relationship and hopefully provide an even better basis for the LEGO Group to stimulate the interest in the LEGO® Hobby together!

A Fresh Start
When the new LEGO Ambassador Network goes LIVE on November 1st every LUG will need to apply for access into the program. This will allow access into the new LEGO Ambassador Network Forum site and 2015 LEGO Community Support Programs. After December 30th, 2014 the current LEGO Ambassador forum will be closed.

Today’s announcement includes the release of three documents in which the AFOL Community can read and learn about all the details of the new “LEGO Ambassador Network”.
• LEGO Ambassador Network
• LEGO Ambassador Network - FAQ
• LEGO Ambassador Network - APPLICATION – Recognized LEGO User Group
• LEGO Ambassador Network - Release Form

What’s Next
Applications to sign up as a Recognized LEGO User Group will not be accepted until September 1st. Any questions or applications can be sent directly to the regional community coordinator/manager.

• North & South America
o Kevin Hinkle – Senior Community Coordinator

• Asia, Pacific, Russia, Eastern Europe
o Jan Beyer – Community Manager

• Europe and Online LUGs
o Kim Thomsen – Community Coordinator

• All other regions
o Keith Severson – Senior Manager, Community Support

In case your LUG wishes to apply for the LAN, you can find important documents here:
LEGO Ambassador Network
LEGO Ambassador Network – FAQ
LEGO Ambassador Network - APPLICATION - Recognized LEGO User Group
LEGO Ambassador Network - Release Form

This is the timeline for the process:
September 1st – LUG’s can start submitting applications.
Mid October – All LUG’s which have been approved will start receiving login information into the new forums
November 1st – GO LIVE
Please reach out to your regional community manager (Kim, Kevin, Jan) if you have questions regarding the sign-up process.

Also, Jorgen Vig Knudstrop (The LEGO Group’s CEO) will give an interview about the LAN, somewhere around mid-November. So, this is a great opportunity to have your questions about the program answered! They have to be sent in before the 15th of October, so, to have time to aggregate and forward them, I’d like to receive your questions before the 10th of October.

Here’s hoping that the new LEGO Ambassador Network will further even more the links between LEGO fans and The LEGO Group!

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