Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tire Wide Ø81,6x44

As you know LEGO released a new tire with set 76023 The Tumbler, from DC Comics Super Heroes theme.
Its characteristics will make it very useful for certain Technic models (either official sets or MOCs), I'm sure!

Hence I decided to make a video to show these tires more in detail.

Because I'm not used to do such kind of videos where I speak and my English is also not very good, I didn't get much happy about this and decided to make a post to complement with some extra info not shown in the video.

First lets list the main data regarding these new tires.
  • Design ID: 18450
  • Element ID: 6084656

  • Dimensions: Ø81,6 x 44 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Soft rubber
  • Weight: 38g
  • Tread pattern: Checkboard or Crossblock
  • Compatible with wheels: Ø43,2 x 26 mm (56908 or 41896)
  • Unit Price: Country dependent (e.g. UK 8,51GBP, Germany 9,85€, Portugal 10,18€). Search for your price at LEGO Bricks & Pieces

The new tires have an overall racing appearance and may look nicely in some sports cars, like formula cars (although the tire tread is not a perfect fit) or endurance race cars.

They present the same outer diameter as other LEGO tires like: straight (2997, x1825), thin sporty (32196), balloon (45982) and motorcycle (6596, 2902). All these have different widths and use different wheels.

These tires have a kind of "rumbling" appearance because they protrude significantly sideways, from the wheels where they fit. This fact caused concern among some AFOLs, fearing such design using tiny wheels means there will be not enough room inside the wheel to create accurate steering and authentic suspension setups. Low profile tires with large and deep wheels are commonly  perceived to allow the steering knuckle and ball joints to align with the inner face of the tire as it happens with real cars.

I think this is a misconception because there are several LEGO tires which do a very good job in this regard.
And the Tumbler tire also got a large inner chanfer to allow space for the wheel linkages at the proper place as we can see from the image below.

In the pictures below you can also see how the tires conceal almost completely the steering gear, looking at it from the front view. I also wanted to show this does not differ from the old steering gear (x873c01), the yellow one in the images. For these images I've attached the steering gears to both sides just to highlight these LEGO wheels are usable from each side interchangeably, although they have Negative Offset.

Still I wonder about the newest steering gear design from LEGO, which moved the steering knuckle and ball joints 1L away from the wheel center. Although this may affect differently the several suspension types one may want to use

Below I wanted to show how much more (easily) compressible the new tires are and how it differs from other tires. Although it may not have significant impacts on LEGO vehicles within reasonable weight ranges.

To finish I'd like to show how the new Tumbler tires fit with 42029 Customized Pick-Up Truck front axle.
These behave perfectly and like the original tires without steering or suspension limitations, once there is enough space for everything to move as you can see from the image on right side.

One can here also easily observe the consequences caused by the new steering gears design, in the double wishbone geometry. The suspension arms became much more apart which I personally don't like to see, but it probably turns to be more realistic.

Given this I think the new wheels are very welcome to the new 42039 Long distance Race Car, if it happens to be the case.


Alex Campos said...

I still find it an odd tyre, and am curious to see in what Technic sets it will appear... it is thick and slightly ballooned like off-road tyres, yet has shallow treads like road tyres.

Allanp said...

Thank you for this review, I do like these tyres much more now. The tread pattern is very authentic, much more than any other Lego tyre and at first i didn't like that it uses a tiny wheel hub but now I see that the tyres themselves act as an extension to make the inside of the wheel bigger to accommodate the steering/suspension so that they move the steering axis deeper into the wheel like in real life. From what I've read these tyres will not be used on the 24 hour racer. They would look great on the 24 hour racer but I don't think that model is going to be quite big enough for these to be in scale. For any supercar you really need something like this...

...big enough for the steering gear from 8880 to fully fit inside it.

TechnicBRICKs said...


Yeah, you should know I made this post having you and your previous comments in mind. :)

I understand these tires won't be used in the next Endurance Car. They won't look realistic in such car.
They would look more realistic in some Formula car, except for the tread...

Allanp said...

Thank you very much :)

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