Friday, January 30, 2015

Still on the Nuremberg Fair and the Arocs

Not really fresh news, but still on the 2H 2015 LEGO Technic sets shown at Nuremberg Toy Fair...

There is a second video which I also shared a couple days ago at TBs social media channels, and which is now also here below.

Taking some further snapshots from this and the previous video, there are still a few extra bits which I didn't cover in the initial post.

The rear bogie with pendular suspension has indeed four shock absorbers (two in the front and two in the rear) which can be seen at certain moments from the first and second videos.
There seems to be also a small turntable between the two rear axles, that allows them to twist relative to each other (both seen from side and rear views).
It is not much clear but it looks we have also a differential for each axle. Although not visible we can admit these may be linked through the turn table and then driving the engine (still unclear if it is an L4 or L6). If not, at least one of the axles might have a shaft towards the engine.

Another interesting point is some evidence of a new design for the large turntable.
Looking carefully to the images it seems to have a similar design to its smaller companion. It looks that both the top and bottom parts attach to each other from the outer perimeter, like the smaller turntable, instead of the inner circle as in the current large turntable.
This should make it run smoother, probably with less friction and less prone to bend under heavy load, like we have seen in some models, as the 8043 Motorized Excavator and 42009 Mobile Crane MK II - Very useful for instance to the new 42042 Crawler Crane which should cause a large momentum on the turntable below the superstructure.
Furthermore and looking at how this turntable is driven, from the images available, we can conclude it also has a double bevel type teeth all around, like the more recent and smaller turntable version.
Just hope the designers managed to keep the inner teeth from the previous design. Likely a spur gear type in this case, as before.

And this is at least the sixth new element that we can see introduced with the 2H Technic sets!

This is just another small detail, but if we look at different parts in the video from previous post, namely to the first and second Arocs in exhibition, we can realize the connectors in the tip of the new pneumatic cylinders are black in the first and yellow in the second.
This is obviously a result from them having early "production" models at display, probably getting there directly from Markus' desk... Hence it is natural these to include some prototype elements.
Just hope they keep them black for coherence with the previous cylinders.

On a side note it is quite weird why this is advertised as "Pneumatic System V2", when we had already 2nd generation pneumatic system since 89, being the first generation available between 84 and 87. That was really the leap change in the way the LEGO Technic pneumatic elements operate.
Better said the current change should be called V3 or even V2.1, if it makes any sense to make a distinction...
I see nothing other than different length/width cylinders or a new design of the inlet end, which had also happen in 2002 when the cylinders got a modern studless update (such reasoning would make it V4 instead). A new PF pneumatic valve, yes... That would be another leap change!

Finally something I didn't mention before, but the Arocs includes a mechanism that prevent the tipper rear door to open if needed. There is a lock in the center which is controlled by the lever seen on the side, bellow the sticker indication. See it in both locked and unlocked positions from the pictures above.
So someone learned from the mistake made with the 42029 Customised Pick-Up Truck.

Looking forward for more pictures! This time about the upcoming 42040 Fire Plane...


Erik Leppen said...

I don't understand where the idea of a new turntable comes from, really. It looks like the same old turntable we have always had.

TechnicBRICKs said...

I should have zoomed the images and highlighted the details, but was in hurry!
I bet if you zoom the original images presented, next to one of your original large turntable and a small one you will get to see the evidences.

TechnicBRICKs said...

Ok, I've just cropped the images for a more convenient view of the topics presented.
You might have to force page reload in your browser to avoid the previous images already cached.

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