Sunday, October 11, 2015

TechnicBRICKs turns 8

Yesterday we celebrated 8 years since this project started. TBs grew fast and lived healthy for a long time, but everyone's life evolve and changes including the bloggers' life, and so it does a blog status as well...
You probably say to have not seen much happening here lately... Posts have been scarce, although we believe this is part of a cycle. Only the future can tell!

The fact is it was a lot more fun in the beginning when there was not much places LEGO Technic related news, and we were able to publish preliminary images from every new upcoming sets, take a lot of guesses about which features and new elements were likely included in each set, etc.

For now, the man who never sleeps, has been sleeping...
Nevertheless Alexandre never forgets the important dates and he is always willing to cook (render) a new anniversary cake for us.
This time it looks there was no one at driver's seat, and that's perhaps because of this TBs is not moving faster... but still everyone there looks to be enjoying the ride.

The car is orange as it couldn't have been differently, so it makes me think about a certain helicopter that we are waiting for the next year...

But if I were you I wouldn't be expecting too much from the next 1H flagship as it seems to be, at least the preliminary images don't reveal much excitement about it. That's probably because the recent Technic sets have their body covered with panels. Which is good and increases the realism - long ago were the days when LEGO Technic sets looked so empty showing gaps everywhere - but it also tends to make it more difficult to study the details specially when it comes to preliminary and diffuse images.

Basically it looks like a Kamov coaxial helicopter, with a not so rounded cockpit like a Chinook.
Those below look like good approximations while we can't show real images. The front steering is made with a single dual wheel configuration instead.

It is a cargo helicopter predominately white, with DBG stripes, an orange belly and a few other orange appointments like in the engines. The winch pulls a small blue "container" made with two 3x11 blue panels.
It has a coaxial counter-rotating dual rotor with six long blades in total (the same which were released with 9396 Helicopter). No collective or cyclic pitch as far as one can see.
No new panels or other elements visible, but it uses two white pieces used in small City cement mixer trucks (Design ID: 57792) as engine covers.
This looks to be and off-the-shelf PF set or at least it is PF ready and seems a good candidate to have a small switching gear box to control four functions with a single motor. What these functions could be we can only guess at the moment: coaxial rotors, winch, bottom cargo hatch and landing gears

Overall it looks good but does not raises an exaggerated excitement inside me.



Alex Campos said...

Happy Anniversary TBs! I must take the opportunity to thank Philippe "Philo" Hurbain for modelling the 42039 I shamelessly butchered. :D

Allanp said...

Happy birthday to ya, happy biiiiirthday!

Allanp said...

P.S. the 24 hour racer looks great in those colours :)

Unknown said...

"You probably say to have not seen much happening here lately... Posts have been scarce".

I know how hard it is to maintain a regular pace and keep posting... But you can't really ever run out of things to post can you. It is a big world full op opportunities and new things waiting to be explored. Can't you try something new and put a another team that has a completely different background but just as much love for Technic that you (And many other Fans) have. Maybe, who knows, but just maybe some variety is what this blog is wanting, and that some "globality" can give it a great push.

The East is so much different from the west... I always wondered how different Lego in China is... (actually not realy...)

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