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2H2016 Technic Sets - Part II

As I mentioned in my first post on the 2H2016 Technic sets, each new toy fair reveals more details of the upcoming sets, and the Nuremberg Spielwarenmesse has been particularly generous in the amount of information that was revealed.

So let's have another look at the list of new sets.

  • 42051 - Airport Rescue Vehicle

Technic Factory has the following to say about the set:

Lego Technic 42051 Airport Rescue Vehicle (cancelled)
This set was planned for mid-2016, but it has been cancelled and will never be produced. It was a big airport fire truck, with red color, modern style, arm with water canon which could be lift up and oriented. 6 wheels with 4 wheels steering and lots of details also: lights, mirrors, few stickers… Seats were designed with new white panel parts, like wing of set 42045 Hydroplane Racer.

Parts : approx 1100, without Power Functions or Pneumatic
Initially Estimated Price : USA: $74.99, Europe: 64.99€, but it will not be sold.

I always find it curious when this level of detail is presented for a set that apparently has been cancelled. We'll probably never know why, but from the description of the set, the set wasn't quite as exciting as the remaining sets for the second half of this year.

  • 42053 - Volvo EW160E
The set description was sufficiently specific not to leave much doubt about the look of the model, but a picture is worth a thousand words:

 Additional information that has been published so far includes:
  • Pneumatics System V2 - We appear to get a new part in this series: the pump has a wide plastic collar and no spring is visible - it appear to be encased inside the wider plastic collar.
  • Power Functions Upgradable - this makes me think there will indeed be a small pump included in the set so you can build a small compressor to power the pneumatic functions.
  • Lifting Cab - a very nice detail. The cab is lifted with a worm gear that is operated with the 12T double bevel gear you can see right behind the cab (with the red 2L axle in the centre) so it will stay at any hight you adjust it to.
  • Extendible Outriggers - and they will actually support the model! All four wheels off the ground for increased stability when operating the pneumatic functions.
  • Piece Count: 1166
  • Alternate model: Volvo L30G
And if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video of the actual set is pure gold:

Do you still want more? This is a picture of the back of the box that shows the secondary model:

  • 42054 Claas Xerion 5000 tractor
Let's get right to it. Front box art:

  • Piece Count: 1977
  • WHEELS and RIMS!! The large heavy threads are fantastic (wheel size indicated is 107.4)and the closed rims are perfect for the model
  • Includes an LPF "M" motor and battery box. 
  • Mini LA for the arm and outriggers/stabilisers under the arm
  • The panels at the front simulate the counterweight that can be adjusted in height
  • I don't remember seeing ribbed 2x2 round bricks in brown before. They look much more realistic than the smooth ones.
Rear box art:

  • The "second model" is built only from the parts of the manipulator on the back of the tractor. While it does make sense (and has been done before, e.g. in the Unimog)
  • The graphics in the lower left corner give some interesting details about the steering capability of the model: it has crab steering and parallel steering.

Also for this model there is a video showing all its capabilities. I particularly like how the cab rotates 180 degrees, and the 3 steering modes are an indication of the fantastic engineering that has gone into this model:

  • 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator
The largest of the Technic sets for 2H2016 isn't just "over 3000 pieces", it has a whopping 3927!

  • From this and other pictures it would appear the set includes a pack of small round bricks for the BWE to pick up/move to the included white truck.

  • A single PF "XL" motor to power te entire set
  • An exciting new curved rack (90º) that is the base for the ring of buckets at the front. There appear to be 36 teeth on each segment making for 144 teeth in a full ring.

The same part is also used to set the angle for the second transporter belt and for the turntable so there are a bunch of these new parts in this set!

  • The above image also shows the battery box used as a counterweight in the top arm, followed by three function selectors. There is also a red function selector further down (right behind the curved rack that guides the secondary transporter belt) 
  • Beautiful dark panels!
  • LAs allow the arm to go up and down. They are controlled with the black 12T gear you can see just below the base of the LA in the above picture
  • Even so there are no less than 3 additional functions going from the top of the model to the bottom:

But wait, there's more. We also have an image of the back of the box:

As the pictures at the top show, this model is capable of separating out 1x1 round bricks and 2x2 round bricks (obviously included in the set). This model can also

  • move forwards and backwards on the tracks it has underneath. 
  • The inclination of the left conveyor belt can be adjusted and 
  • the right belt can be moved from side to side horizontally.

Here's a video of the BWE in action:

To be continued...


efferman said...

Do you think the buckets on the bucket wheel excavator are new too?

TechnicBRICKs said...

They seem new to me although about the same size (4-wide) as the existing version, which seems and pity and a waste at the same time. :(
Would liked to have seen something a little bigger like your 3D design for bigger excavators.

Maybe they just wanted to redesign the attachment points to make it more usable in about the same scale models as used before!?

efferman said...

The width seems the same like actual small one, but the overall shape is more like my big bucket which you have mentioned. And yes, i think the new attachmentpoints are made for more compatibility.

Jetro said...

The new design also appear to be quite a bit deeper, meaning more material can be scooped up in one go and (thinking GBC...)

Jetro said...

There's another video here:
It shows (among other things) that the selector at the base of the superstructure locks the second transporter belt in place and there is a 20T gear at the back for changing the direction of that second belt.

I also saw the battery box switch has been limited to only slide in one direction. There's an axle pin with bush over the other position so it won't slide there.

Unknown said...

Some dutch online shop postponed the 42051 airport fire truck to january 2017. Let's hope and see...

Unknown said...

Oh and People like Sariel (Who, as you probably know, does LEGO reviews, mainly for Technic) can get this all for not much. I can't blame him for his Reviews are great, and TLG is simply taking advantage of that, it is a win-win for them, mostly at least anyway.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I know the comments is the wrong place to say this, but the Technic web page has been redesigned with some Technic story coming up.

I know the new design will take a while to get accustomed to. Also on LEGO's YouTube channel I found that the latest posted Technic video kind of interesting.

Sorry again for posting this in the comments and is totally unrelated.

Side said...

Theres just no way the excavator has 1166 pieces, looks to be 650-700 range tops.

Unknown said...

Well, True, Side, being A wheeled excavator, there are no tracks that could raise the piece count, but I can't see how the Piece count could be wrong, They aren't gonna lie. but I Don't know.

Side said...

Actually it has happend before, the 42040 plane said 999 pcs on the first box pictures released. But also common sense says this Volvo excavator has not more pieces than the 8043, which besides its tracks count advantage also is totaly filled up with gears and axles. 42053 on the other hand is empty inside to make room for pneumatic switches and hosing, also its empty in mid center of the chassi to make room for the battery box.

Unknown said...

If that is the case, then of course it totally could happen. I never noticed that the 42040 actually had a similar problem. But now that you put it in perspective, it cannot possibly be that much, but I just don't see why they would knowingly put the wrong piece number.

Emily Rose said...

The width seems the same like actual small one, but the overall shape is more like my big bucket which you have mentioned. And yes, i think in this new lego kit, the new attachment points are made for more compatibility.

Anonymous said...

Amazing post.Thanks for sharing among us.

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